Mulan Bistro

The most exciting thing about a new city is trying out all the restaurants. Midtown has an excellent selection of adorable coffee shops, bars and other eateries. We decided to sample Mulan Bistro, since they serve both Chinese food and sushi. It had been much too long since my last taste of sushi.

The eel nigiri was deliciously sweet. I would definitely order that again. I didn’t try the octopus nigiri since it managed to get devoured shortly after this photo was taken. The volcano roll was also lovely, and not at all as spicy as the name would imply.

The Pad Thai wasn’t my favorite. The sauce was just too strong, and it lacked veggies to balance out the flavor. Granted, noodles aren’t my favorite to begin with.

Alaskan rolls are pretty much my staple sushi. Delicious, but even with the sauce, something was missing. I guess I would give their Alaskan Roll a 4.5/5.

The chicken fried rice was definitely the winner. Everyone loved it. 5/5, for sure.

I really enjoyed this restaurant and will definitely return. It wasn’t too crowded, we had great service, and the space was clean and inviting.



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