Fall Decorations

So, anyone who knows me in the real world knows I’m addicted to crafts. While grad school has eaten most of my free time, I’m still an avidly active pinner (Check me out!) planning away for my next craft adventure. Anywho…Fall. One of the best times of the year, mainly because of my birthday-December 19-but also because of pumpkins and pumpkins spice lattes, apple cider and acorns. Seriously guys, it’s awesome. Last year I made one of my favorite crafts, this acorn wreath: Image

I stole a TON of acorns off the trees around campus and sat in our apartment floor a night or two gluing acorns onto my straw wreath and making a huge mess. A small price to pay for acorn greatness, obviously. Linds was not amused. I don’t have a picture step-by-step tutorial, but I did use this as my inspiration and followed every direction except using my acorns with their tops instead of removing. I knew that would make some of the straw wreath show through, but I’m cool with that. Happy Fall, Y’all!


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