Central BBQ

So it seems I’m The Food Lady. While I’m still wrapping my head around this whole grad school thing, I’ll stick to writing about what I know: food. Today we stopped by Central BBQ for lunch. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, and one of our orientation events catered some of their food. I realize this is a terrible thing to say in Memphis, but I’m not a huge fan of barbecue. It just gives me images of dripping sauce, messy fingers, and a whole lotta meat. Gross. But since I’m living in Memphis (at least for the next two years), I decided I should step outside of my comfort zone.

At Central BBQ, you wait in line to order your food. When we arrived slightly before noon, there was a line out the door. This isn’t all that surprising since standing room inside is severely limited. We waited about ten or fifteen minutes to order our food, then sat down inside. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, but it was quieter and fewer people were sitting inside. The benches and tables were obviously older and well-worn (which is a nice way of saying the stuffing was popping out of the rips and tears in the booth fabric).

My meal consisted of a pulled pork sandwich (complete with mild BBQ sauce and cole slaw), a side of mac ‘n cheese, and sweet tea. I don’t usually enjoy cole slaw, but I thought I should get the whole experience. This sandwich was definitely messy. Next time I’ll remember to ask for the sauce on the side. Pretty sure I went through half the day with BBQ sauce on face. The mac ‘n cheese was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. Almost tasted like a Stouffer’s frozen macaroni dinner (which I find delicious, so that’s not really an insult).

Central BBQ Pork Sandwich

Shelley ordered the pulled pork nachos. These were DELICIOUS. Of course I stole a bite. This is a full-sized order, which is more than enough to share. The half-size order would be perfect for lunch.

Central BBQ Nachos

As for cost, the whole place is pretty reasonable. The sandwiches run about $5 each and adding a side is about $2 extra. I’d definitely like to go back and try out more options. Maybe someday I’ll fall in love with BBQ and become a true Memphian.



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