Molly’s La Casita

Obviously, I’ve fixated a bit on food. What can I say? My schedule revolves around what I’ll eat and when I’ll be able to eat it, so it’s not surprising that the most salient blog post ideas are restaurant reviews.

We had our first exam of graduate school on Tuesday. It was in Language & Speech Development, which isn’t a particularly difficult class, especially for those of us with undergraduate degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. However, we were all pretty nervous about it since it was the first test, and we weren’t quite sure how it would go. After the exam, a group of us headed over to Molly’s La Casita for some margaritas (and food, of course).

Thankfully, it wasn’t very busy when we arrived. Somehow we ended up with a party of 12, so the restaurant staff put together a few tables for us to all sit together. A dish of salsa was at every chair (so no feeling guilty about double dipping!), and there were at least five baskets of chips. I was practically starving by the time we sat down, so I inhaled those chips.

Wanting to take advantage of happy hour, I ordered a frozen margarita. $5 margaritas isn’t exactly a spectacular deal, but it could be worse. Strawberry margaritas (my usual go-to drink) were slightly more expensive, and I’m on a grad student budget. The server advocated for their half and half margarita, but I stick to frozen. It was delicious. Definitely had a bit of a kick to it, but it tasted like dessert. Based on my relatively limited experiences with Mexican restaurant margaritas, I’d say these were pretty strong, especially for how good they tasted.


For food, I ordered a chimichanga. Nothing super special there, and a little on the expensive side. It came with sides of beans and rice. The side portions were really small, and the beans tasted overcooked. The rice was good; there just wasn’t enough of it. I probably wouldn’t order the same thing again.

I’m hoping to try out some more Mexican restaurants around Memphis. Actually, I’m just hoping to try out lots of restaurants. I’m a foodie; I love to eat. I’ve got at least until May of 2015, so I’m sure I’ll get to sample many more local places.


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