Aldo’s Pizza Pies

My parents came to Memphis for the weekend. There happened to be a bottle show at the Agricenter, and my dad collects and sells historical glass bottles. Yes, my family has some interesting hobbies. There was also a craft fair and a farmer’s market at the Agricenter, but parking was a fiasco, and I can’t handle crowds of people very well. So while my dad kept his booth at the bottle show, my mother and brother came shopping with me. Wolfchase Galleria is a pretty decent mall, but it was one of those shopping trips where I had no luck.

Once dad was finished at the Agricenter, we went out to dinner downtown. I had been wanting to try Aldo’s Pizza Pies for a while. They have sandwiches and salads as well as pizza. You have the option of a 12″ or an 18″, or you can order by the slice for cheese, pepperoni, vodka, or veggie. My brother and I split an 18″ White Pizza. It had a whole lotta cheese and an oil and garlic base. I could have done without the humongous dollops of ricotta, but it was definitely tasty.

White Pizza


My parents got a 12″ that was the equivalent of a supreme. I think theirs looked much prettier. It just has so much color!



Anyway, I liked the whole atmosphere of Aldo’s. Service was really good, which is a nice contrast with a certain restaurant on the Island that I’ve been to multiple times. We ate inside, but it would have been nice to be out on the patio. The pizza was good, but it’s not the best I’ve ever had. I’ll have to try a different specialty pizza next time.



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