Huey’s Poplar

After a disappointing trip to the food trucks (that weren’t in existence), we ended up at Huey’s for lunch. I’ve been to this burger place before, but I went to the downtown location. I’m not a burger fanatic, but I do like them every once in a while. They have really interesting burgers (and other options as well) and a fun atmosphere. I’ve seen advertisements for live music there, but haven’t gone to a concert yet.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Huey’s has a couple drink options for $3.50. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the mimosa until it was half gone.


We ordered cheese fries as an appetizer. They didn’t last very long.


One of the entree options had three mini burgers: one jalapeño and pepperjack, one mushroom and swiss, and one bacon. Or something like that. My memory is terrible.


Obviously we were starving by the time our food arrived, since all of these have giant bites taken out of them already. These onion rings were really thick and heavy, and they had cheese inside. They’re different than what you would expect from onion rings, but not bad.


My West Coast Burger was delicious, but I (of course) forgot to take a picture while it was still pretty. My stomach takes precedence over the blog, I suppose.


So if you’re in the mood for burgers, Huey’s is always a good option.



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