Candy Corn Decorations! (I made a craft!)

I love Halloween. And pumpkins! And decorations! And pumpkins! Anyway, I made time to make some Halloween decorations -when I should’ve been studying- but I feel happier already. I used this as inspiration but put and ‘I’m too lazy to do this anywhere but on my balcony’ spin on it. I soaked the bottles in a Dawn filled solution overnight -because I forgot about them- and the labels slid right off. Easy Peasy. Also, buy the cheap white spray paint since most of it will be covered anyway. I forgot to get a shot of the bottles all white because I was pretending to study and doing my spray painting during commercial breaks. I’m an awesome multitasker.

To replicate: Spray the entirety of the bottles white for a clean uniform surface. Let dry as long as your patience or the instructions dictates. Add the orange middle layer next, by holding the bottle off of your balcony and hope not to spray your arm. I attempted to make the layers even in thickness for about a second and determined whimsy was better. Let this layer really dry 30 minutes or so (Memphis air is sticky). Then, add the yellow layer to the bottom, overlapping with the orange, and let the whole display dry on your ripped up boxes before displaying inside or out. Happy Decorating!




One thought on “Candy Corn Decorations! (I made a craft!)

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