A BOO For You (And Me, Too)

I’m really crafting up a storm, you guys. Halloween is very inspiring: orange, and pumpkins and skulls -AND only 2 weeks away! I found some Halloween paper on sale (Did ya see on my instagram?) and letters that spell out B-O-O and knew exactly what I wanted to do.


Here’s how:

1. Buy letters that will stand up and Halloween paper. I went with these mdf letters from JoAnns because they were on sale. The ‘O’s are a little funky but that adds to the quirk of Halloween.


2. Bully off the price tags. (These were actually easy to remove, but you never really know).

3. Trace each side on the back of your chosen paper. Be sure and flip over the letter because the designs will be the opposite on the reverse. Be especially mindful of this is your ‘O’ is like mine and the center circle isn’t straight. Save yourself the trouble in the beginning!

4.Cut them out and set them aside OR cut them while waiting for step 5 to dry.


5. Paint the edges. I went with black. It may take several coats depending on the brush and material of the letters. If your paper’s dark or busy don’t worry too much about getting a smidge on the front panels. Let dry.


6. Glue your paper to the front (I prefer Mod Podge ALWAYS). Let dry.


7. Glue your paper to the back sides. Let dry.

8. Seal the entire thing again to give it a uniform sheen, sides and all.





One thought on “A BOO For You (And Me, Too)

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