2014 Goals

I like to make lists, to-do lists, goal lists, gift lists, you name it. While I’m not making resolutions exactly I do have 8 goals I’m hoping to accomplish in 2014.

1. Find Joy in the Journey. Joy is my power word for 2014.

2. Buy no make-up products (besides an essential like foundation -only if I run out!). I’m gona start small with a goal of 3 months.

3. Attempt a new fashion trend. Statement necklaces? Radiant orchid or w/e the color is? Harem pants?

4. Floss. Every day. Maybe. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have any new cavities in the new year? Yeah, I’m not holding my breathe.

5. Drink more green tea, less soda. I don’t drink that much soda but it makes me miserable when I do. I just need to stop altogether.

6. Eat more fruits and veggies, at least 2 servings of each a day. That’s an easy goal for me -I’m just way lazy.

7. Plank everyday. All 365.

8. Increase my flexibility. I move like the rusty tin man, I swear.

Honestly, there’s 25-100 goals and things I’d like to accomplish this year and I’ll write them all on a list at least once. But, that’s not realistic at all. I’ve selected the ones I most hope to achieve and written them here.

What are you striving towards?


P.S. I also want some skirts, professional and casual. Anyone who wants to take me shopping is more than welcome šŸ™‚


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