Midnight Blues Bedding Inspiration -and a painting!

I bought new bedding. I. bought new bedding. Just reading that is incredibly strange and foreign as I, well, have had a love affair with my previous bedding for the past 4 years, and the flame is still burning let me tell ya. I fell in love with Vera Bradley’s midnight blues bedding when it came out several months ago. An awesome sale plus a coupon made it a deal I couldn’t refuse at almost 75%(!) off retail.

Plus, I knew my mom could paint something awesome to complement, as seen in previous posts, here and here.

First, her paintings:



All together:


I really like it but man does it take some getting used to. How often do you change your bedding? Do you flip your entire room like I did?



2 thoughts on “Midnight Blues Bedding Inspiration -and a painting!

  1. I like it bedding are those on which we spent our half lifetime. & we have much attraction love affair with our current previous bedding. Mattress should be such things that can give comfort to people. As if a person can relax, comfortable, feeling fresh after full night sleep of a good flexible mattress then his another day morning will also be coming with good blessing, comfort. Chose mattress wisely.

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