Clinic Update

I’m definitely still in the adjustment phase for this semester. My internal clock likes to think nothing should function before noon, so 8 a.m. days have been a rude awakening. I’m currently at an elementary school two days a week, and I’m doing Head Start and private school hearing, speech, and language screenings one morning a week. I absolutely love the school. The kids are fantastic, and I really like the group aspect of therapy. Most of the kids could use some pragmatics help in addition to their other speech and language goals, so making them cooperate with other children is useful.

Unfortunately, I mess up. A lot. I just have a few of the groups to myself right now (and of course I took the easier ones), but I’m still having trouble keeping them engaged. I’m used to specifically targeting goals throughout the entire session, where every activity is super planned out. Their routine is more 15 minutes of drill, 15 minutes of a game where they have to use their speech sounds/language skills in a “real” context. I’m hoping I catch on soon. I’m strongly considering doing school speech as my career, so hopefully this semester goes well. I haven’t had much experience with other settings, however, so I may easily change my mind.



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