Avocado “Cream” Sauce

I am a lazy cook. I have neither the time (a huge lie) or the patience to spend time in the kitchen. An overripe avocado and a variety of pins -plus my new mini chopper/food processor inspired this creamy avocado sauce.

I eyeball everything so I can tell you the ingredients but not so much the amounts.

I used: 1 way ripe avocado, garlic, salt, olive oil…and that’s it.


Swirl it in the food processor.


Add it to cooked pasta.


I added Parmesan cheese, the best tomatoes and viola!


P.S. Avocado doesn’t keep well so don’t attempt to reheat if you make it and have leftovers. I kept out some of the sauce and left the avocado pit in the container and it worked fairly well but it still wasn’t as good as the day prior. And not as green.


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