Summer Wrap-Up

The warnings about summer semester were all true – incredibly busy and incredibly fast. I can’t believe how much class and clinic was crammed into about 10 weeks. But hey, I survived! And I had an awesome experience at my offsite. I spent two days a week at a developmental center that provides OT, PT, SLP, and mental health services for kids aged birth to six. They have a day treatment program that allows the kiddos to gain invaluable social interaction with peers in a classroom setting while receiving pull-out therapy services. I was mostly involved with treatment, which was generally a thirty minute individual session. All of these children were diagnosed as developmentally delayed or with autism spectrum disorders. Some were complicated cases with very limited means of communication and absolutely no verbal output. Others were strictly working on articulation. Some of my clients made incredible progress during those 10 weeks. The first time I saw one little boy, not quite 2 yet, he barely made a sound while playing with me. During the last session I had with him, he said a complete sentence (“I get it!”). Many of my other kids will probably continue to need services as they get older, but this particular little boy seemed well on his way to catching up with his peers. This was an incredible opportunity to see a wide range of abilities and work closely with other therapists to determine the best way to treat these little ones. I really loved this placement, and it was awesome when my supervisor stated that I was CF-ready regarding kids by the end of it. I miss the kids there, but I’m excited to see what my fall clinic placements will teach me.

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