30 Day Shred: Progress

While I realize this would work better with pictures, I’m not about to show all of me in my sweaty workout gear to all of you. That said, I have progress. It’s been 18 days since I started 30 Day Shred. I decided to do each Level 15 times instead of 10 so I learn the correct form and gain (hopefully) enough strength to not die when I move to the next level. Full disclosure: in 18 days I’ve completed the workout 14 times. I went to NOLA and had a nasty cold so there’s been a little lag. That said, I measured Monday (day 16) because I read on some blog to go ahead and measure at day 15 for motivation. I was too lazy to measure my thighs and arms because I’m not overly concerned about those areas, but I did measure my upper waist, lower waist and hips. And…drumroll…I’ve lost 1.5 inches, 1 from my upper waist and .5 from my hips! I have no idea what progress I should be having but considering I’m not dieting I’m super pleased. I can do this!

30 Day Shred

I started 30 Day Shred last night. I also completed Day 2 this morning to get on a morning schedule. i wouldn’t say I like working out in the mornings as I’ve only done it this one time, but it feels AMAZING to have my workout overwith for the day. I do hope I can plank later as that was a not-resolution, but I don’t think my arms will hold me. Have you ever shredded? Success stories and motivation would be appreciated.

Friday Confessions #9

I confess! I completed the 300/30 Ab challenge (or I will have by the time you read this)! I decided to do it after reading this blog post, although I read it forever and a day ago. It was also a self-control challenge for me. I finally manned up after the first of the year and decided to makeĀ  change. And man, I can see a change. I’m not showing you, but I found the biggest difference to be in my lower abs. If you decide to complete the challenge be aware: it’s basically ab ripper x from P90X and the first 5 days are hell. And I mean it. I could barely walk. I found out from friends it was my hip flexors adjusting -I think they gave up and died and that’s why they stopped hurting. Anyway, try it, if you dare!