Kwik Chek

I haven’t been doing so well documenting my restaurant experiences lately. Two weeks ago, we decided to try a Mediterranean restaurant in Midtown called Kwik Chek. It’s fairly tiny, and one of those deals where you go the back counter, order your food, then pick your seat. We went around a pretty typical lunch time, but it wasn’t crowded. I stuck with a really safe pick: the Hey Zeus wrap. It had turkey, roast beef, cheese, veggies, and the usual wrap ingredients, plus some spices. It might have been a safe choice, but it was definitely delicious. I’m assuming the falafel was equally as delicious, since it vanished. Anyway, I want to go back! But there are a million other restaurants on the list before I should start doing repeats.

KwikChek1 kwikchek2 KwikCheck3



My Class

Today we celebrated the 3rd year audiology students with the first annual Golden Lobe awards show and breakfast. While it was awesome and we worked really hard to make it so, I am stoked to show off our fancy first-year photo because we take so few as a class. Yes, my class is a class of four. Here we are!





Welcome to our blog!

We’re two graduate students recently relocated from the heart of Kentucky to Memphis, Tennessee. This blog will depict our daily lives, culinary experiences, craft endeavors, and grad school adventures. We thought this would be a fun, creative way to document this next phase of our lives. Feel free to leave us your own experiences in comments! It’s always nice to know how other grad students (and professionals) are doing in their respective fields.