Meet the Authors

Howdy everyone! I’m Shelley! Lindsay says “Shelley is a quirky, crafty, candy enthusiast with an affinity for exaggeration. She indulges in fanfiction and various television series. She likes the idea of cupcakes but not the execution.” Yep. That’s me in a nutshell.  I also spend a great deal of time at Comic Conventions thanks to my boyfriend Andy Heath. One day, I hope to be an audiologist, but I can’t even see the finish line in my first semester of 4(!) years of graduate school.


Behind Lindsay’s contemplative and coffee-driven exterior is a woman who loves to dance (too bad she has a lame roommate), celebrates finding ideas for speech sessions in unlikely places and at all hours of the night, and is obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. In 2 years she will be a bona-fide speech-language pathologist which is why I secretly hate her guts. Just kidding. Maybe.

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