Avocado “Cream” Sauce

I am a lazy cook. I have neither the time (a huge lie) or the patience to spend time in the kitchen. An overripe avocado and a variety of pins -plus my new mini chopper/food processor inspired this creamy avocado sauce.

I eyeball everything so I can tell you the ingredients but not so much the amounts.

I used: 1 way ripe avocado, garlic, salt, olive oil…and that’s it.


Swirl it in the food processor.


Add it to cooked pasta.


I added Parmesan cheese, the best tomatoes and viola!


P.S. Avocado doesn’t keep well so don’t attempt to reheat if you make it and have leftovers. I kept out some of the sauce and left the avocado pit in the container and it worked fairly well but it still wasn’t as good as the day prior. And not as green.

Brunching It Up

My gorgeous cousin came to Memphis today to visit me. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time, so it was definitely nice to be able to catch up for a bit. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t want to cooperate. It’s rainy, and Memphis likes to flood when it’s just misting outside. Anyway, we went to The Majestic Grille for brunch. I hadn’t been there before, but I’ve been told it’s the best brunch around. Of course I completely forgot to take pictures of the food, but I’ll still talk about it. We seemed to go at a good time. It was a little after eleven, and we had no problem getting seated. It did start to get pretty busy by the time we left a little after noon.

We sat upstairs. This restaurant is pretty fancy, with some some musicians playing live music and movies playing on the projector. Breakfast food is my absolute favorite, so of course I had to order brunch. Biscuits came out first, which were pretty average for biscuits. I ordered the breakfast sandwich, which turned out to be some huge monstrosity with two fried eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese on a sweet roll. The sandwich came with a side of breakfast potatoes. Both were a little on the greasy side for my liking. I tend to like less heavy things in the morning/early afternoon. However, they were both really good. I got full about halfway through my sandwich. I’d definitely go back, especially since they have $4 mimosas and bloody Marys during brunch.

Frank Grisanti’s

My parents came this weekend and took me out to an awesome dinner at Frank Grisanti’s, which if you live in Memphis it’s outside the 240 loop and Poplar. It’s Italian and delicious. The restaurant was dim -yay mood lighting so I apologize for the picture quality.

First up: Bacon wrapped chicken livers. If you like chicken livers you’d love these. I’m not a fan but my Dad ate 5!


My entree: Lobster Ravioli -it was divine. I’m dreaming about it already.


My Mom couldn’t decide and got the sampler : Beef Manicotti, Veal Piccata, and Elfo Special. I didn’t try any but    they looked amazing


My Dad had the Pollo Florentine. He really enjoyed it as well.


Dessert! Apple Ravioli with Cinnamon Gelato.  I’m dreaming about eating this one again too.


Overall, Frank Gristanti’s was awesome. If you’re looking for a place for a nice dinner or date I’d definitely recommend.


That time I saw Wicked

Months ago, I found out Wicked was coming to Memphis. I hinted (i.e. demanded) that Andy take me. Alas life got in the way and we weren’t going to be together in Memphis during the performance window. So, I shut up and pouted privately.

Fast forward to December. In addition to my awesome Christmas presents, Andy included 2 tickets to Wicked -and I didn’t see it coming at all.


I took one of my best friends, Sarah, and we had an awesome time!

IMG_2704 IMG_2708

The Orpheum is absolutely beautiful!


30 Day Shred: Progress

While I realize this would work better with pictures, I’m not about to show all of me in my sweaty workout gear to all of you. That said, I have progress. It’s been 18 days since I started 30 Day Shred. I decided to do each Level 15 times instead of 10 so I learn the correct form and gain (hopefully) enough strength to not die when I move to the next level. Full disclosure: in 18 days I’ve completed the workout 14 times. I went to NOLA and had a nasty cold so there’s been a little lag. That said, I measured Monday (day 16) because I read on some blog to go ahead and measure at day 15 for motivation. I was too lazy to measure my thighs and arms because I’m not overly concerned about those areas, but I did measure my upper waist, lower waist and hips. And…drumroll…I’ve lost 1.5 inches, 1 from my upper waist and .5 from my hips! I have no idea what progress I should be having but considering I’m not dieting I’m super pleased. I can do this!

Clinic Update

I’m definitely still in the adjustment phase for this semester. My internal clock likes to think nothing should function before noon, so 8 a.m. days have been a rude awakening. I’m currently at an elementary school two days a week, and I’m doing Head Start and private school hearing, speech, and language screenings one morning a week. I absolutely love the school. The kids are fantastic, and I really like the group aspect of therapy. Most of the kids could use some pragmatics help in addition to their other speech and language goals, so making them cooperate with other children is useful.

Unfortunately, I mess up. A lot. I just have a few of the groups to myself right now (and of course I took the easier ones), but I’m still having trouble keeping them engaged. I’m used to specifically targeting goals throughout the entire session, where every activity is super planned out. Their routine is more 15 minutes of drill, 15 minutes of a game where they have to use their speech sounds/language skills in a “real” context. I’m hoping I catch on soon. I’m strongly considering doing school speech as my career, so hopefully this semester goes well. I haven’t had much experience with other settings, however, so I may easily change my mind.